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Dive into a journey of transformation with our combined approach to Church Revitalization and Consulting. We offer tailored strategies and expert guidance to reignite your congregation’s passion and foster spiritual growth, setting the stage for a thriving, vibrant church community.

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Church Revitalization

What is church revitalization?

Before we move forward, I want to define what church revitalization is. The term has been around for a few years now and has become a buzzword that means a lot of different things depending on who defines the term. Here is our definition.

Church Revitalization is a spiritual process of leading a plateaued or declining church to refocus on Christ so that He may breathe new life into His people.

You may have seen other definitions; however, we hope you see that ours is different in focus. Let’s break it down to help you understand the choice of definition.

Spiritual Process VS. Church Health

Most definitions focus on church health, but the problem is most churches define health as activity and attendance. Is that what church health is about? I stand on the conviction that a church needs a process that focuses on its spiritual life. When the Lord evaluated the seven churches in Revelation 2-3, He didn’t look at their activity and attendance, He looked at their spiritual health.

Look quickly at the church of Ephesus (Revelation 2:1-7). They had it all…they were theologically sound, worked hard, and even rested in His name. Yet, what did He say? “I have this against you, you have left your first love.” They had a spiritual problem.


Church revitalization doesn’t happen overnight, nor is it a one-and-done event. The process takes weeks, months, and even years if necessary to move the church back to a healthy spiritual focus.

Refocus on Christ

If not, our focus will shift back to attendance and activity. Jesus is…the Head of the church (Colossians 1:18) and Builder of the church (Matthew 16:18). Why would we want a church without Him? Can we even have a church without Him? We must get back to our First Love.

He may breathe new life into His people.

We need a fresh touch from the Lord in our churches. Congregations are filled with hurting, discouraged, and disobedient people who need a fresh encounter with the Lord. Looking back at the church of Ephesus, we know that unless He is our First Love, it will never happen.

Parapastor Guide to Church Revitalization FAQs

Church Consulting

Parapastor guide to Church Consultation FAQs

What is church consultation?

Before looking at the details of church consultation, let’s establish a clear definition of what it entails. Like church revitalization, church consultation is a term that has gained traction in recent years, but its meaning varies depending on who you ask. Here’s our take on it.

Church consultation is a team-driven process designed to guide a church through challenges and opportunities by offering strategic insight, practical suggestions, and biblical guidance.

You may have seen other definitions; however, we hope you see that ours is different in focus. Let’s break it down to help you understand the choice of definition.

Team-Driven Process

We understand that when a church is involved in the process, they are more likely to take ownership of the outcomes. We work closely with the pastor, church leadership, and members, to better understand the context, challenges, and desires of the church.

Guiding Through Challenges and Opportunities

Every church faces its own set of challenges, be it declining attendance, leadership transitions, or stagnation in ministry. Similarly, every church possesses untapped opportunities for growth, outreach, and impact within its community. Church consultation aims to navigate through these challenges while uncovering and maximizing opportunities for growth and effectiveness.

Providing Strategic Insight

Our process draws upon a wealth of experience, expertise, and best practices in areas such as leadership development, congregational dynamics, strategic planning, and ministry effectiveness. We offer strategic insights designed to the specific needs and context of each church, equipping leaders with the tools and knowledge necessary for informed decision-making.

Practical Suggestions

While insights are valuable, taking action is crucial. Church consultation goes beyond advice-giving to provide practical, action steps to help churches implement positive change. Whether it’s restructuring ministries, refining communication strategies, or enhancing discipleship programs, recommendations are designed to address the unique needs and challenges of each church.

Biblical Guidance

At its core, church consultation is deeply rooted in biblical principles and truth. We understand that the ultimate goal is not merely man-made success but the spiritual health and strength of the church. Therefore, biblical guidance is interwoven throughout the consultation process, reminding church leaders of their dependence on God’s wisdom, grace, and guidance.

Affordable Pathways to Growth: Pricing for Church Revitalization & Consultation Services

Our Three-Step Process

Man taking notes at his computer during a virtual meeting

Free Initial Consultation

Join us at PARAPASTOR for a complimentary initial consultation that sets the stage for discovering how our Church Revitalization and Consultation Services can uplift your ministry’s growth. With the convenience of a virtual meeting, you can share your unique needs without any obligations. If you prefer an in-person consultation, we’re delighted to accommodate you, with the simple request that the consultant’s expenses (travel, lodging, and food) are covered. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together, securing a vibrant future for your church.

Customized Action Plan Development

In this phase, following the initial virtual consultation, we dig into your church’s unique needs through comprehensive evaluation and strategic planning, making a personalized action plan. This plan, shaped by surveys, online meetings, and interviews with the pastor, key leaders, and a range of ages from the membership, details the necessary steps, and resources for your church’s growth and revitalization. 

Man staring at a bulletin blurred out bulletin board full of planning notes
Group of people working on putting cogwheels together

Implementation and Ongoing Support

With a clear action plan in place, the next step is implementation. This phase is about putting the plan into action, with close monitoring and adjustments as needed to ensure success. It includes regular check-ins, coaching, and additional training for church leaders and members. Ongoing support is crucial to navigating challenges, celebrating successes, and maintaining momentum toward achieving long-term revitalization and growth goals. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Our pricing is thoughtfully designed to reflect your church’s size and the depth of plan preparation, ensuring fairness and scalability. We provide a preliminary cost estimate post-consultation, refining it as we better understand your needs and the scope of the required work. For those preferring in-person engagements, we transparently address additional expenses like travel, lodging, and food, ensuring no surprises and maintaining our focus on fostering your church’s vibrant future. Importantly, we are committed to affordability and transparency, capping our service costs at $1,000 to ensure our church revitalization or consultation services remain accessible and impactful, letting us concentrate on what matters most—your church’s kingdom impact.