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Empowering Pastors, Inspiring Joy

Taking Your Next Right Steps
Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey towards clarity, focus, and joy in your pastoral ministry? With PARAPASTOR coaching, you’ll find unwavering support on your path to becoming the best pastor you can be, radiating joy and clarity in your calling.
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Empowering Pastors, Inspiring Joy

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Coaching Basics

At PARAPASTOR, we view coaching as a dynamic journey. We begin by building solid relationships, a key first step in understanding your unique needs. Next, we adjust expectations, bridging the gap between reality and aspirations. Then, we turn our focus to uncovering God’s unique design for your ministry, ensuring alignment with your personal and professional goals. Throughout this process, we maintain a firm commitment to pastoral health, recognizing its integral role in a resilient and joyful ministry. In essence, our coaching basics pave the way for a more fulfilling pastoral journey, inspiring joy at each step.

the benefits of parapastor coaching

Clarity and Focus: Coaching can provide a clearer understanding of personal and ministry goals, helping pastors stay focused on their mission.

Support and Encouragement: Coaching offers a supportive and encouraging environment, providing a safe space for pastors to express their concerns, disappointments, and aspirations.

Personal Development: Coaching can stimulate personal growth, aiding pastors in enhancing their leadership skills and personal resilience.

Improved Well-being: By focusing on pastoral health, coaching promotes well-being and helps pastors lead with energy and joy.

Effective Problem-solving: Coaching equips pastors with strategies to navigate challenging situations, offering guidance for problem-solving and decision-making.

Ministry Growth: Coaching provides tools and strategies for sustainable ministry growth, contributing to the development of the congregation and the realization of the church’s vision.

We’d be thrilled to join you on your path of serving the Lord. Please take a moment to explore our offerings below and find the one that best aligns with your needs.

Test Drive Plan

The Test Drive

Our First Session is Always Free

Curious about how coaching might impact your ministry? Let’s embark on an exploratory journey together. At PARAPASTOR, we’re thrilled to offer you our ‘Test Drive’ option. This unique opportunity allows you to experience our coaching method firsthand, with no strings attached. With this option, you’ll receive a complimentary 90-minute session that can serve as a window into the transformative potential of pastoral coaching. Take this chance to gauge if our approach aligns with your needs and goals. By choosing the ‘Test Drive’ today, you’re taking a step towards discovering a more joyous and resilient ministry journey. Why wait? The opportunity to invigorate your pastoral journey awaits!

The Basic Plan

$150.00 Per Month

At PARAPASTOR, we offer our Basic Plan as an ideal starting point for regular support in your pastoral journey. This plan includes one 90-minute coaching session and a 15-minute check-in call each month. We recommend a commitment of at least three months to ensure meaningful growth and transformation in your ministry. By choosing our Basic Plan, you’re embarking on a journey towards discovering resilience and joy in your service.

Sapling Parapastor Coaching
Mountain Peak Preimum Plan

Premium Plan

$300.00 Per Month

Looking for a more intensive level of support on your pastoral journey? PARAPASTOR’s Premium Plan is designed for just that. This upgraded plan provides not one, but two 90-minute coaching sessions each month, along with a weekly 15-minute check-in call. We advise a commitment period of at least three months for tangible change and substantial evolution in your ministry. By selecting our Premium Plan, you’re investing in a journey that paves the way for deeper resilience and an enriched joy in your pastoral role.

Coaching Cohort Plan

$500.00 Per Month

At PARAPASTOR, we value the power of collective learning and have crafted the Coaching Cohorts Plan to harness this. Designed as a shared experience, this plan enables up to three pastors to join forces, sharing the cost and the journey toward renewed joy and resilience in ministry. With this plan, you will benefit from two dedicated 90-minute sessions per month, providing ample opportunity to explore challenges, share insights, and foster mutual growth. As each cohort is limited to three participants, this setting ensures personalized attention while still benefiting from diverse perspectives. A commitment period of at least three months is recommended to fully experience the transformative power of this collective coaching journey. Choose the Coaching Cohorts Plan and enrich your pastoral path with shared wisdom and camaraderie.

Sapling Parapastor Coaching

Flexible Coaching: Empowering Growth Through Zoom and In-Person Sessions

At our coaching practice, we prioritize effective communication and personalized experiences. With Zoom as our primary platform, we ensure focused sessions that minimize distractions. However, when geographical distance is not a limitation, we enthusiastically embrace the opportunity to meet in person. By combining the convenience of online coaching with the added richness of face-to-face interaction, we strive to deliver the best coaching experience tailored to your needs.

With a heart devoted to God’s direction, a compassionate spirit towards people, and a dedication to advancing His kingdom, Mike is the ideal partner for coaching and training pastors. He embraces the wisdom that evaluated experience as the best teacher, consistently growing as a Christ-follower and fulfilling his calling as a shepherd. Let’s celebrate all that God has done in Mike’s life and ministry, and eagerly anticipate what lies ahead!


CEO, Advancing Coaching & Consulting

I have had the privilege of knowing Mike both as a friend and a Pastor. His profound impact on my life cannot be overstated. From introducing me to the transformative power of discipleship to unwaveringly supporting my spiritual journey and ministry calling, Mike’s investment in me has been invaluable. With a heart dedicated to ministry, a visionary mindset for God’s people, and exceptional nurturing skills, he cultivates a community of believers hungry to deepen their relationship with God and make His name known.


Retired Colonel, United States Army

Mike Foreman’s coaching was a game-changer for me as I was on the verge of giving up on ministry. Despite my skepticism, he offered one-on-one support, truly listening to my struggles and providing wise counsel. Through our conversations, he helped me realign my perspective, reignite my passion, and effectively serve God’s church. I am forever grateful for Mike’s guidance and his commitment to supporting pastors in need.


Senior Pastor, Faith Baptist Church