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Inspiring Pastors, Reviving Churches

Inspiring Change, Cultivating Belief

Welcome to PARAPASTOR, your trusted partner in church leadership empowerment. At the heart of our mission is a commitment to inspire pastors and energize churches across the globe. Through our innovative coaching, resourceful consulting, and comprehensive resources, we aim to revitalize faith and foster vibrant churchs.

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In a world where so many voices are screaming at you, PARAPASTOR offers a sanctuary of clarity and direction, silencing all the other voices to help you discern the Father’s voice. Our dedication to Pastor Coaching and Church Revitalization and Consultation is rooted in a singular vision: to inspire and energize your church. Leveraging years of ministry experience—marked by both triumphs and trials— we understand the ministry’s ups and downs. At PARAPASTOR, we’re not just consultants; we’re companions on your journey, committed to navigating the highs and lows alongside you, ensuring your church not only endures but thrives in its mission.

Our Vision

In a world that constantly evolves, the challenges faced by church leaders are ever-changing. PARAPASTOR stands as a beacon of support, guiding pastors and church leaders through the complexities of ministry in the modern age. We believe in unlocking the potential within churches to transform and energize congregations, ensuring a thriving, faith-filled future.

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Our Services

Pastor Coaching

Understanding the unique pressures faced by pastors today, PARAPASTOR offers coaching designed to inspire clarity, focus, and joy in ministry. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or simply in search of guidance, our coaching services are here to support personal and professional growth. With a range of plans to fit every budget, we invite you to unlock your first coaching session free of charge. Let us journey with you toward a ministry marked by joy and confidence.

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Church Revitalization and Consultation

PARAPASTOR specializes in church revitalization and consultation, offering services tailored to meet the unique needs of your community. Our dedicated, biblically grounded approach helps churches evaluate their current situation, refocus on Christ, and implement innovative ministries and strategies. This creates an atmosphere ripe for growth and renewal, setting the stage for a brighter future. Contact us for a free consultation.

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Core Values


We remain steadfastly anchored in Scripture, allowing our actions and decisions to be guided by its undeniable truth.


We are commit to upholding honesty in every action, laying the foundation for a culture where trust is cultivated and revered.


We dedicate ourselves to edifying and uplifting everyone we serve, creating an atmosphere of positive reinforcement and support.


We hold privacy and discretion in the highest regard, meticulously respecting and carefully handling all information entrusted to us.


We focus on being real in all we do, fostering environments where true connections spark genuine growth.


We are dedicated to building strong bonds and nurturing a community where everyone feels connected and supported.

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Real People, Real Stories

On the brink of giving up on my ministry, I joined PARAPASTOR led by Mike Foreman. Feeling like a failure, I voiced my struggles to him. Despite initial skepticism, I accepted Mike’s offer of one-on-one coaching. Not just offered solutions, but he truly listened to my grievances and guided me towards self-reflection. With Godly counsel and insightful questions, he realigned my perspective with God. Mike’s coaching has transformed me, aiding me to serve, honor, and love God and His church more effectively. I’m grateful to him for utilizing his gifts to uplift a struggling pastor like me.

Pastor Scottie

I’ve known Mike as a fellow pastor and friend for 30 years, and I can tell you he brings the experience that comes with that and so much more to the table. He has wisdom that comes from paying the dues and making mistakes. Because of that, he can empathize with the burden and demands of ministry. Yet, at the same time, he can lovingly help lead you forward. Any pastor would benefit from a coaching ministry he leads.

Pastor Brad

Mike Foreman is not only a passionate warrior for Christ, he is a compassionate and skilled shepherd. He is one of the best coaches I know and he is at his best when he is alongside people who need and want help. He has helped me personally many times to think, discover pathways, and move forward in accomplishing what God has called me to do. I highly recommend him to you as a coach.


Coach/Resourcer, WillowNet.org

Meet Mike Foreman


Mike Foreman has 30 years of pastoral service experience, and he is passionate about helping pastors succeed and rekindle their joy in ministry. He is the founder and coach of PARAPASTOR, a ministry that emphasizes an individualized approach, using coaching skills to help leaders find clarity and joy in their personal and ministerial life.

Mike is well-equipped to provide support to ministry leaders because he understands the challenges they face. He has experienced firsthand the pressures of leading a church, and he knows what it takes to stay motivated and focused. He is also a gifted communicator and counselor, and he is able to build strong relationships with his clients.

In addition to his work with PARAPASTOR, Mike is also the Associational Mission Strategist for the Marshall Baptist Association in Guntersville, Alabama. He is a strong advocate for church planting and evangelism, and he is committed to helping churches reach their full potential.

Mike is a man of faith, family, and leadership. He is married to Marina, and they have six grown children and seven grandchildren. He is active in his church, and he is a respected leader in the community.

If you are a pastor or ministry leader who is looking for support and guidance, I encourage you to contact Mike Foreman. He is a gifted coach who can help you achieve your goals and find joy in your ministry. Parapastor: Pastoral Coaching for Joy and Clarity

Mike Foreman Parapastor Founder and Coach

Helping pastors succeed and rekindle their joy in ministry.