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Inspiring Pastors, Energizing Churches

Welcome to PARAPASTOR. We empower church leaders worldwide through innovative coaching, resources, and consulting. specifically designed to inspire pastors, foster vibrant church communities, and revitalize faith. By empowering pastors, we unlock the potential within churches to transform and energize their congregations, ensuring a thriving, faith-filled future.

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One A Couch Coaching


Pastor, do you aspire to leave a profound impact on your ministry but find yourself feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or discouraged? PARAPASTOR coaching is designed with you in mind. Our approach is tailored to assist pastors in discovering clarity and focus, fostering personal and professional growth, and reigniting the joy in their calling to ministry. We understand the unique challenges you face and offer a range of coaching plans to accommodate every budget. To get you started, we’re offering your first coaching session free. Let us help you transform your ministry journey into one of fulfillment and success.

Church revitalization and consultation

Pastor, if you’re yearning to breathe new life into your church, to see it flourish and grow once again, PARAPASTOR is here to guide you through both church revitalization and consulting services tailored to your unique needs. Our dedicated biblical approach to church revitalization helps your church evaluate its current situation, refocus on Christ, and implement new ministries and strategies, creating an atmosphere of expectation for a brighter future. Meanwhile, our church consulting service is designed to navigate challenges of stagnation, uncertainty, or lack of direction, offering expert advice on operational improvements, vision alignment, and fostering a vibrant community spirit. Both services aim to unlock the full potential of your church, with revitalization focusing on spiritual health and growth, and consulting providing strategic support for operational and administrative challenges. To begin this transformative journey, we invite you to take advantage of a complimentary consultation, paving the way for revival, growth, unity, and purpose in your congregation.

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parapastor resources

At PARAPASTOR Resources, we are committed to providing pastors and church leaders with accessible, downloadable resources tailored for both personal growth and church revitalization. Our offerings are designed to be flexible and adaptable, ensuring they can be seamlessly integrated into your unique ministry context. From comprehensive guides for nurturing your leadership skills to customizable tools aimed at breathing new life into your congregation, our resources are crafted to support your journey towards a more vibrant, thriving church community. Dive into our collection and discover how these tools can transform your ministry and help you lead with renewed purpose and vision.

Meet Mike Foreman


Mike Foreman has 30 years of pastoral service experience, and he is passionate about helping pastors succeed and rekindle their joy in ministry. He is the founder and coach of PARAPASTOR, a ministry that emphasizes an individualized approach, using coaching skills to help leaders find clarity and joy in their personal and ministerial life.

Mike is well-equipped to provide support to ministry leaders because he understands the challenges they face. He has experienced firsthand the pressures of leading a church, and he knows what it takes to stay motivated and focused. He is also a gifted communicator and counselor, and he is able to build strong relationships with his clients.

In addition to his work with PARAPASTOR, Mike is also the Associational Mission Strategist for the Marshall Baptist Association in Guntersville, Alabama. He is a strong advocate for church planting and evangelism, and he is committed to helping churches reach their full potential.

Mike is a man of faith, family, and leadership. He is married to Marina, and they have six grown children and seven grandchildren. He is active in his church, and he is a respected leader in the community.

If you are a pastor or ministry leader who is looking for support and guidance, I encourage you to contact Mike Foreman. He is a gifted coach who can help you achieve your goals and find joy in your ministry. Parapastor: Pastoral Coaching for Joy and Clarity

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Helping pastors succeed and rekindle their joy in ministry.


Real People, Real Stories

On the brink of giving up on my ministry, I joined PARAPASTOR led by Mike Foreman. Feeling like a failure, I voiced my struggles to him. Despite initial skepticism, I accepted Mike’s offer of one-on-one coaching. Not just offered solutions, but he truly listened to my grievances and guided me towards self-reflection. With Godly counsel and insightful questions, he realigned my perspective with God. Mike’s coaching has transformed me, aiding me to serve, honor, and love God and His church more effectively. I’m grateful to him for utilizing his gifts to uplift a struggling pastor like me.

Pastor Scottie

I’ve known Mike as a fellow pastor and friend for 30 years, and I can tell you he brings the experience that comes with that and so much more to the table. He has wisdom that comes from paying the dues and making mistakes. Because of that, he can empathize with the burden and demands of ministry. Yet, at the same time, he can lovingly help lead you forward. Any pastor would benefit from a coaching ministry he leads.

Pastor Brad

Mike Foreman is not only a passionate warrior for Christ, he is a compassionate and skilled shepherd. He is one of the best coaches I know and he is at his best when he is alongside people who need and want help. He has helped me personally many times to think, discover pathways, and move forward in accomplishing what God has called me to do. I highly recommend him to you as a coach.


Coach/Resourcer, WillowNet.org